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“2020’s Top 10 Interior Design Trends Set to Dominate Homes”

As we come to the conclusion of a decade that saw a variety of interior design fads, from midcentury to Memphis-inspired, we have our sights set on what 2020 may bring. Curves are having a moment right now, whether we’re talking about furniture, entrances, or patterns created using free-form forms, and natural materials (including wood, fabrics, and cane) are appearing all over the house in innovative ways. Continue reading to discover our predictions for the next year and leave a comment on what you’re liking (or hating).

1. Integrated seating

Built-in seating adds character to a space and may be a fantastic way to save space, whether it’s a windowside perch with a beautiful view or a comfortable reading corner. This and other amusing architectural features will be quite popular in 2020.

Two. Arches
The arch, more notably curving entryway and windows that evoke Greece’s cave homes, is another flourishing element of architecture. The simplified design lacks elaborate details and is smooth and clean-lined. Not prepared to commit to house structural changes? Use an arching wall mirror to experiment with the style.

3. Bulging Furniture

Furniture is also starting to take on curved forms. Sofas, divans, and other upholstered furniture are being redesigned in undulating, sometimes asymmetrical patterns that evoke 1970s style. 2020’s version of a right angle is rounded.

4. Natural Forms

Although free-form designs have been gaining popularity, we believe that this year will be the year the trend reaches its peak. From candles to bath mats, everything now has organic forms. We’re particularly smitten with Cold Picnic’s recently introduced line of hand-tufted carpets called “Two Hour Drive,” which resemble abstract paintings rather than simple floor coverings.

6. Present-day Wood Paneling

Although wood paneling doesn’t instantly conjure images of a contemporary house, it seems that perception is going to shift. Wood walls may really seem airy and uncomplicated when done in a thin, slatted form or when placed at unusual angles. Additionally, no space is off bounds, notably bathrooms and kitchens where wood paneling adds an unexpected warmth that is sometimes absent.

7. Textile Art

Fiber artists have been exhibiting their work at fine art galleries and fairs for a while now, but 2020 will be the year that this kind of artwork—detailed tapestries, beautifully knotted macramé pieces—finds a home. Large-scale commissions are produced by artists like Cindy Hsu Zell, Windy Chien, and Meghan Shimek, as well as smaller, ready-to-buy items that look great displayed individually or as part of a gallery wall.

8. Decorative tiles

It seems sense that the pendulum would swing the other way after the ubiquity of white subway tile during the last ten years. Type statement tile here. Bold, patterned tile is being utilized in both tiny spaces (like a backsplash) and large spaces (like floor-to-ceiling bathrooms).

Ninth, Indoor Gardens

It’s hardly surprising that green thumbs would wish to advance their plant habit with an indoor garden given the popularity of indoor plants and living walls in recent years. These compact properties allow for an indoor/outdoor connection with nature and provide inhabitants an opportunity to connect with nature without leaving their homes.

Cane Detailing 10.
Rattan furniture, seagrass pendant lights, and jute carpets are just a few examples of the natural, woven materials that have revolutionized the world of interior design. However, every fad undergoes an evolution.The second act of this one is all about cane detailing, which you’ll find on contemporary furniture like the Nadia chair from CB2 and the Minsmere console from Target.