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Top Picks for Artificial Christmas Trees

Accepting an artificial tree might be a significant step if you’re accustomed to the custom of a real tree, but we believe you’ll be delighted with the greatest fake Christmas trees available.And if you fake it, you may never turn back. Imagine a situation where there are no pine needles on the ground, no sap sticking to your hands, no struggle to get the tree into the stand, and no water splashing about after everything is set up (if you even remember to water it).

Ahead, find exciting, festive improvements with splashes of color and other surprises, as well as beautiful, luscious Christmas trees that will fool even the most discriminating eye. We’re available for anything!

1. A Christmas tree from Woodside

This tree is for you if you believe in “go big or go home.” Hundreds of downswept, many branches give the tree a genuine appearance and a lovely, wide profile. The tree, which comes in 7.5′ and 9′ sizes, is one of Grandin Road’s top sellers.

2. Spruce Tree for Christmas

Make your house into a winter wonderland with the aid of this gorgeously filled and flocked piece. More than 1,800 branch tips, 900 transparent incandescent lights, and 7.5′ in height make up the lovely spruce.

3. Fraser Fir in reality

Fun fact: Fraser firs have the distinction of being the kind of tree that is most often used as the official Christmas tree at the White House. This premium tree is available in sizes ranging from 5.5′ to 9′, both lighted and unlit. If you prefer a flocked tree with a snowy appearance, the Balsam Hill tree is also offered with frosted tips.

4. Jack Christmas Tree artificial
This Dunhill Fir from Joss & Main is a great option if you want hassle-free assembly. It looks classic and is large and fluffy. The heights of the fake Christmas trees range from 6.5 to 12 ft.

5. Flocked Aspen Pine Tree

Another startling discovery that caused us to pause was this one. This amazingly lifelike evergreen seems to have been plucked directly from a mountaintop. There are two sizes of the tree: 7.5″ and 9″.

6. Artificial Cathedral Fir Slim Tree

Without taking up much space, this small artificial Christmas tree makes a statement. It comes in sizes 7’5 X 32″ and 9′ X 38″.

7. Old-growth Blue Spruce

This Blue Spruce is yet another of the most beautiful pre-lit Christmas trees. This artificial tree has lifelike needles that are blue-green and silvery in color, much like an actual Blue Spruce. Choose from illuminated and unlit variants in heights ranging from 4’5″ to 9′.

8. A Globe-Lit Park City Tree

This flocked tree has globe lights, which we like. They provide a broad, beautiful light that will pass through your windows. Like other pre-lit trees, your setup and takedown will be simple.

9. Yukon ice spruce

Flocking, lights, and towering height—this tree has it all. The tree is offered in a variety of heights, from 6′ to a towering 15′.

10. A downswept Douglas fir tree

This gorgeous tree, which is 7.5 feet tall, seems to have been cut straight from the tree farm…However, you may just take it out of the box. Speaking of, when you take your tree out of the box, let it a day or two to breathe. In this manner, the branches will have time to fluff out naturally before the tree is decorated.

11. Pre-lit Christmas tree that can be controlled via an app.

Built-in twinkling lights on this 7.5-foot tree may be configured to flash in any pattern or color scheme (such as the stylish rainbow colors seen below). Once you’ve downloaded the Twinkly app on your phone, you may alter the mood anytime you want by using it as a remote control.

12. Balsam Fir Tree in the Alps

A minimalist’s fantasy, this tree has a visible trunk and a slender shape. The tree has transparent LED fairy lights and is available in heights from 4.5 to 12 feet.

13. National Tree Clear Incandescent Lighted Carolina Pine Tree

This majestic tree closely resembles the actual thing. It has hinged branches and 750 pre-strung lights, making setup and takedown simple (simply press each hinge down and pop into a storage bag). There are four sizes of the tree, ranging from 4.5′ to 7.5′.

White Northern Lights Tree, number 14.

There are genuine, realistic fake Christmas trees, and then there are fiberoptic beauties with 87 different color LED lights and more than 1,000 fiberoptic tips that are made to dazzle the eye. There are 23 pre-programmed dance patterns to pick from, and you may customize the color and pattern of the lights. This tree with rainbow colors comes in two sizes (4.5′, 7.5′, and 9′).

15. Artificial Christmas Tree Turned Around

A 7′ upside-down Christmas tree is a great way to stir things up, and yes, this is a real thing. According to The Spruce, the custom of hanging trees from ceilings in Central European homes during the Middle Ages served as the inspiration for the tree design. This odd trend is also beloved by Ariana Grande. You can get the similar look with an upside-down tree like this that sits on a foundation, even if it would not be feasible for most contemporary living spaces.